European Senior Players of the Year

The European Seniors Player of the Year title is awarded to the top-ranked European player of each age category at the end of each season.

Three men (Gerhard Fahlke, Manfred Huntsdorfer and Angelo Sala) and five women (Ana Salas-Lozano, Christine French, Heidi Eistelehner, Nanda Fischer and Erzsebet Szentirmay) successfully defended their titles from 2014, with Heidi Eisterlehner of Germany claiming a Player of the Year title for an incredible twelfth time.

For the first time ever, a title will be shared by three players, as Women's 50 winners Kallrtje van Baarle (BEL), Pavla Mrazova (CZE) and Olga Shaposhnikova (GER) all finished the year with an identical ranking.

The complete list can be found below or on our special gallery of the winners. Medals and certificates will be handed over to representatives of the national tennis federations at Tennis Europe's Annual General Meeting in Chisinau, Moldova, in March.

35 & Over Roberto Menendez Ferre (ESP) Stefanie Kolar (GER)
40 & Over Gerhard Fahlke (GER) Ana Salas-Lozano (ESP)
45 & Over Alexander Windisch (GER) Lucie Schwab (AUT)
50 & Over Manfred Huntsdorfer (AUT) Klaartje van Baarle (BEL)/Pavla Mrazova (CZE)/
Olga Shaposhnikova (GER)
55 & Over Karl Pansy (AUT) Christine French (GBR)
60 & Over Paul French (GBR) Encarnacion Gomis Ruiz (ESP)
65 & Over Bruno Renoult (FRA) Heidi Eisterlehner (GER)
70 & Over Petr Kolacek (SUI) Gail Benedetti (FRA)
75 & Over Peter Pokorny (AUT) Nanda Fischer (GER)
80 & Over Gerhard Coldewey (GER) Brigitte Jung (GER)
85 & Over Angelo Sala (ITA) Erszebet Szentirmay (HUN)


Former Players of the Year

2000 - 2014 (.pdf)